Mass Media Marketing Simplified


Product Objective

Solving businesses' most daunting challenge; Finding their next customer.”

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Bridgecorp provides digital marketing services to their clients. For the purpose of which, they have a rich database of the target audience for any client to choose from and start a marketing campaign.

Audience database of real people allows to pinpoint each person’s identity with confidence and precision. The PII data is 100% secure, permissioned-based, opt-in, and CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant. In addition, Bridgecorp has complete ownership of their data.

Funding - Round 01

Omnichannel approach to handle all marketing touchpoints

Order Management

Place orders - the comprehensive order management system enables you to have customized and automated order management. You gain the power to handle all your multi-channels swiftly and accurately.

Creative Campaign Creation

Create solid campaigns to reach out to your next customer - bridgecorp runs 100k+ campaigns / year to deliver message to people where they’re most likely to respond: mobile, desktop, social, video, paid search, TV, programmatic audio, or email.

Task Management

Without an organised process, managing a marketing campaign can become problemetic. Bridgecorps allows users to plan, collaborate, and track the delivery of marketing activities rationally.

Audience Builder

Reach out to your target smartly - choose attributes of your ideal customer. Then utilize our database of over 250 million verified people to create your target audience of ideal customers.


Visual Definition

Seamless brand strategy facilitating brand awareness & recognition through a cohesive message.

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Find your next Customer with less hustle & more outcome

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Gain deep insights about your campaign, from the people you reached, who engaged with your message to who visited your site or your store.

How it works

Choose attributes of your ideal customer. Then utilize our database of over 250 million verified people to create your target audience of ideal customers.

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Creative Content & Campaign Manager

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BRIDGE delivers a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified humans. These are not generic audiences. These are REAL people. We don’t market to bots or cookies and will show you the campaign reporting to prove it.


Additionally, Bridgecorp covers over 80K campaigns a year against the BRIDGE CONNECT Database, which provides direct feedback on changes to consumers personal information. This allows to continually learn from and refresh the data so ALL can have confidence in ongoing commitment to data quality.


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